Not So Perfect, So WHAT?

Friday, August 4, 2017

When I started blogging, there was a group of people who called lifestyle bloggers "ego-bloggers" and I absolutely HATED the term.

I didn't, and I still don't, share my outfits to get compliments. 

When you go to any blogger's comment section, they are filled with "so pretty" "OMG perfect"and "#goals" - and yes, I'm guilty of leaving these comments too.

But a big part of me is tired of saying "thank you". Because I am not perfect, I'm full of flaws, my life is not goals. So why am I still part of the "superficial ego-blogging" community? Because I want to inspire you to wear that top differently, to not be afraid to try a new trend,  to not be afraid to be YOU.

At the beginning I thought my focus had to be only fashion and opening myself was scary because of the harsh criticism of the internet. But no, I want to encourage fellow bloggers to write more things from the heart, to avoid captions like "today's #ootd"; tell me your story, share your experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly- this is what blogging is about. And as a reader, I want you guys to read, to be more than a "oh-so-pretty" commenter, to share with bloggers your experiences, your thoughts, your critiques. Let's make this a community again!

Cuando empecé a bloggear, se escuchaba mucho el término EGO BLOGGER (que honestamente casi no escucho- ahora es todo "influencer", pero de eso hablamos después).

No me gustaba ese término, porque definitivamente insinuaba que lo que hacemos era para inflarnos el ego.  

Y si vas a la parte de comentarios de cualquier blogger, esta lleno de "¡que bella!" "¡que perfecta"! - hasta yo misma soy culpable de dejar estos comentarios.  Pero gran parte de mi esta cansada de decir "gracias", porque lo que realmente quiero hacer es inspirarlas a jugar con sus klozets, a sacarle provecho a esa camisa que casi no usan, o a intentar una tendencia que te convence.

Pero al mismo tiempo quiero escribir cosas desde el corazón, quiero compartir experiencias, y aprendizajes (lo bueno, lo malo, lo feo...porque así es la vida), quiero ver a otras blogger abriendo sus corazones y hablando más que del outfit bonito que usa, quiero que mis seguidores  me lean, que me critiquen si no están de acuerdo (educadamente), que compartan conmigo sus experiencias. Hagamos de este mundo una comunidad otra vez..

ZARA "not so perfect, so what" tee
GAROTA cargo jacket
REBECCA MINKOFF leather shorts



  1. Me encanta y estoy muy de acuerdo Dani! Eso es lo que me encanta de ti. Que siempre quierea volver a lo basico y a lo que hizo q las bloggers e influencers sean la fuerza q son hoy. Te quiero bonita!

  2. Nobody is perfect but what matters is you being your true self! Love your blog <3


    Me encanto este post!!!

  4. So beautiful ! So inspiring!
    Highly recommends on
    I know they're looking for people who love fashion and can give tips etc.
    (especially if it's your hobby)

  5. Your nails!! Omg such a good idea. and that lip color.. it just fits with the hat and bandana so well!

  6. Great message Daniela. I actually love to go through your remix page when I want to get creative with my looks. you've got some styling gems in there.