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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hey everyone! How are you? I'm going to start doing something new… a 5 random things on Sundays and I hope you all share at least something random that's going on your lives.

1. We have been changing all the furniture in our apartment. Our apartment is really small,  I think it's the size of one of those "office closets" the bloggers do tours on. Now our bed has storage, our dresser has 8 drawers instead of 6…we changed the sofa for a sofa bed (which actually has storage too underneath!!). So now it fits two people, a dog, and all my clothes (insert the emoji of the monkey with its hands on its eyes!)
2. I finished grad school on March but I'm doing the ceremony on June. Honestly,  I don't feel like walking again… it's all for the parents, right?
3. I'm going to a music festival called Bonnaroo…have you head of it? I'm super excited, I'm going with a group of bloggers and I'm already planning my looks.
4. Well, I always say this but I want to do more celebrity inspired looks…all the ones that are regrettable are Kardashian/Jenner… and I honestly don't want to do them so often (actually, there's a Kendall Jenner one coming soon…but I did it a couple of weeks ago!)
5. I've been reading the book "gone Girl". I already watched the movie but I love getting to really know the character. Are you more of a book or movie girl? 



¡Hola!! ¿Cómo están? A ver hoy quería contarles 5 cositas random y espero que ustedes también compartan así sea una conmigo!
1. Estuvimos cambiando toda la decoración de la casa porque necesitábamos espacio. Ahora tenemos una cama con gavetas debajo, nuestro neceser tiene 8 gavetas en vez de 6…hasta el sofá cama tiene espacio para meter cosas…jajaa es que esto de vivir con una "fashion blogger" no es fácil (aparte que Gabo tiene más zapatos que todos los hombres que conozco!)
2. Ya terminé la universidad (el postgrado) pero el acto es en un par de semanas. Honestamente no quiero…pero eso es siempre por los papás, para que se llenen de orgullo!
3. Voy en Junio a un festival que se llama Bonnaroo, ¿han oido de el? Estoy super emocionada y ya estoy planeando mis looks para eso.
4. Siempre les digo esto, pero quiero hacer más looks inspirados en celebridades…comenten abajo a quien les gustaría ver.
5. Ando leyendo el libro "Gone Girl"..ya vi la película pero a mi me encanta como en un libro llegas a "conocer" realmente a los personajes y todo lo que esta pasando.

¡Les mando un abrazo!
Voy a hacer esto todos los domingos… Domingo de 5 cositas random! BESOS!!

VALLEY EYEWEAR cat eye sunglasses
Rings: Mix of Wanderlust + Co and Forever 21


  1. Your shoes are fabulous!! You look amazing.

    || D I A N A ||

  2. You are so stunning! I love your outfit so much! And those heels <3

  3. Adore your shoes and shades, so awesome.
    I'm both, love to read book first and to see the movie after, always fascinates me who will play that main girl role, so anxious.

  4. Well it's my turn to share something random about me. So, lately I've been sewing like crazy and I'm super excited about all my upcoming projects.
    Love your shoes btw.

  5. Me encanta este look! Las sandalias son espectaculares!

  6. OMG, we are the sam! i graduated on March but have to attend the ceremony on June. it's been so long waiting! i like your ideas about five random things on Sunday and want to try too

  7. hi...the high heels is matching with a blazzer i love it

  8. Love this high heels and the coat in white! Looks so perfect!

  9. El look me encanta, es precioso pero esos zapatos son increibles


  10. love those shorts and that jacket

  11. que guapa!! todo el look es perfecto y te ves lindisima!!!

  12. You look amazing as always!! Five random things in my life lately well... 1) I just booked tickets to London this morning 2) I had thai food for dinner which is very common, I love thai food! 3) I'm watching The Killing on Netflix lately, it's such a good show! 4) I had lunch with my grandparents today - they're really cute 5) I'm actually excited to go back to work tomorrow!

    Danika Maia

  13. Love the heels! I read the "Gone Girl" book first then watched the movie! I thought it was crazy! Love the random facts!

    Love, Karina
    Check out my new post!

  14. The shoes are so gorgeous! Love the whole outfit!

  15. Great post, great outfit... Aaah! And those shoes!!! Totally crushing on them :-)

  16. I'm absolutely in love with your shoes!!!


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