Paisley & Asymmetrical

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm sure you saw at least a couple of bloggers wearing this dress on Instagam in the past couple of days'; it was part of a huge (and FUN) campaign where they invited around 50 bloggers to wear the same dress. I absolutely loved how each bloggers gave it their own twist; and it personally gave me tons of ideas on how to wear it too. I went for a bohemian-ish vibe, I added a layered necklace and milkmaid braids. I've gotten tons of request on the milkmaid braids; I think they are so easy to do and there are already tons of tutorials online BUT we all have our own ways and I want to share my little tricks too!  That's it for today! XOXOOX


Probablemente vieron a muchísimas bloggers utilizando este vestido en IG en los últimos días; fue parte de una campaña divertida donde nos invitaron a más de 50 bloggers a utilizar el mismo vestido y que cada cual le diese su toque personal. A mi me encantó ver como chicas de estilos totalmentes distintos, lo hicieron ver 100% ellas! Ahora quiero usarlo con un blazer blanco para un toque más elegante, con un chaleco color verde militar y más. Yo me fui por una opción algo bohemia; agregué un collar de varias capas, y unas trenzas. Me han preguntado mucho como se hace este peinado, pronto lo verán en mi Youtube!! Es muy fácil pero supongo que cada quien tiene sus truquitos y yo quiero compartir los míos. ¡Les mando un abrazo gigantesco! 

LORD & TAYLOR Design Lab Paisly Dress
ANGELES ALMUNA layered necklace
ZEROUV sunglasses


  1. So obsessed with this dress! Your look is definitely my favorite of most!

    Kisses from Miami.
    xx, Shay

  2. Love this!! This dress is gorgeous :) Totally digging the braids!

  3. What a fun print dress! Perfect for spring and going into summer - the colors are so lively too :)
    Plus, I adore your hairstyle with it. Those braids are too cute!

  4. Me encanta el peinado, y el vestido aunque no me gusta mucho a ti se te ve increible, las zapatillas estan bellisimas!
    Un beso
    The Color Palette

  5. such a cute dress!

  6. This is the first time i see this dress and i really like it. Perfect for summer.

  7. Obsessed with this dress! I love that you paired it with the platforms!! xx

    Please check out my blog here:

  8. I LOVE the print of your dress! Ugh, so jealous right now!

  9. Gorgeous as always! I love the shoes with the dress.

    Love, Karina
    Check out my latest!

  10. Amazing outfit. Love the color of your dress. Necklace set is superb ♥♥♥

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