All-Seeing Eye

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Maybe I have already mentioned it here, but I recently talked about this in my "50 random things about me" video on Youtube...I really enjoy reading about aliens, witchcraft, conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Don't get me wrong, I don't get obsessed about it...I just find it SO interesting. I got this shirt because of the moon, sun, and zodiac...when I got it, I realized it has the "all-seeing eye"...which is huge in the illuminati symbolism. I promise I'm not part of any's just a cool shirt! I wore the day we were coming back from New York...our flight got delayed several times so we even got to do brunch in a cute "french" restaurant. I put the quotations because it was an interesting place, with salsa music in the background. But that's one of the things I love the most about New really is a melting pot. I remember I was with a friend in Midtown trying to figure out where to it and we couldn't choose because of the variety- within 50 steps, there was japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, and more! This is my travel uniform, black jeans, loose shirt, a beanie (to conceal my crazy hair), sunglasses ( to conceal my lack of sleep), and a big handbag to throw 1000 things like Mary Poppins. 

Sending you a HUGE HUG! XOXO


En el video de 50 cosas sobre mi les conté que soy 100% creyendo en todo lo que es aliens, conspiraciones, fantasmas, etc, etc. Al ponerme esta camisa y mirarme en el espejo dije "ay, tiene el ojo iluminati"... y Gaby estuvo molestándome todo el día con eso. La cantidad de simbolismo que tiene este dibujo me parece muy interesante... díganme que no soy la única que le gustan estas loqueras. Esto lo utilicé para viajar de regreso a Miami. Nuestro vuelo se atrasó bastante así que pudimos irnos de brunch a un lugarcito cerca del hotel. El lugar era "interesante", comida francesa, la mesera era brasileña, y de música pusieron salsa....pero eso es una de las cosas que me encanta de Nueva York, lo mezclada que es la cultura. Una vez con una amiga queríamos ir a comer y no sabíamos que escoger porque en la misma calle había comida italiana, japonesa, china, india, arabe, mexicana, francesa, etc. Este casi siempre es mi look de aeropuerto...jeans negros, camisa suelta, un beanie (para disimular lo despeinada), unos lentes de sol (para disimular las ojeras), y una cartera inmensa para meter todo lo que pueda estilo Mary Poppins.

¡Feliz día! L@s adoro!

H&M black boots- EXPRESS ripped jeans --- ROMWE shirt --- TED BAKER handbag
RAY BAN sunglasses ---- ABERCROMBIE & FITCH plaid shirt --- ABERCROMBIE beanie


  1. Amazing! Such a laid back, cool vibe.

  2. You can catch all of eyes. Your outfits are so cool. Fashion girl

  3. Love this outfit and don't worry, London is a melting pot too! x

    Wonky Lauren

  4. I love your style, it's so diverse :-))