Sunday, October 29, 2017


If you have been following me for a while, you know I love being a Halloween baby (well, or almost Halloween Baby). All my friends know I'm all about dressing up and annual theme parties.  Some of my past themed birthday parties include: zombies, roaring 20s, cheesy 80s, masquerade, tv characters, and circus.

This year, I wanted to do VAMPIRES. I actually have been thinking of this theme for a while; but I didn't want people to think I was a crazy Twilight fan (cause I'm not, I swear haha). I think it is such a fun theme, it's easy, and it's TOTALLY HALLOWEEN.

Because my building can be a little strict when it comes to parties , we decided to celebrate at a friend's house (you know her...Gaby from Voguish Diet). For convenience and safety, we headed there in uberX.

 I have to tell you about the new feature Uber is offering: MULTIPLE STOPS! I've been waiting for it, and I know I'm going to use it non-stop. It's perfect if you have to pick up or drop off a friend, or quickly get something. When you click "where to?" in the app, just make sure to click on the + sign and you will have the option to add stops to your trip (just make sure that they are less than 3 minutes or your fare will change).

So we got picked at our home and we had two quick stops to make!

The first stop was to pick up some red velvet mini cupcakes! Get it? Red velvet because we were vampires! Since it was only a quick pick-up, it was super easy. No need to find parking, walk to the place, pay parking, etc. Your uberX is waiting for you right by the door.

The second stop was to pick up a non-vampire friend, jk. She wasn't in full makeup so she got shy when it came to pictures. But we rushed to Gaby's house to decorate before people started to arrive. I found this super cute DIY teeth cookie thing that was very easy to do: you just need chocolate chip cookies, mini marshmallows (and cut them in half), and red frosting.

I also added some spiderweb around the house and I bought a few glasses that said "bat's blood" (so maybe we are the cool kind of vampires that don't drink people, right?). I also got a drink dispenser that looked vintage and Halloweeny; we put "vampire water" inside

We had so much fun! Everyone took their vampire characters so seriously and this is definitely another one to remember!

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  1. Everything on this post is phenomenal! I can't wait to use Uber this Halloween and use the multiple stops. Thanks for sharing Nany ❤️

  2. the perfect scary couple


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