Sunset, love, and Miramar Beach, FL

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

 The week Hurricane Irma was about to strike, approximately 6 million people from Florida decided to evacuate to safety, to put just what you need in a small bag and go away with the uncertainty of what might happen to everything you left behind...everything you have worked all your life towards. It puts everything into perspective; that none of the materials things really matter. All of these things only weigh us down. I think this uncertainty also gave us a sense of freedom, of going with the flow, of driving without a destination for days. It took us to places we would have never imagined. It reminded us of living in the moment, of focusing in friendships/relationships, laughs, and making memories. Again, thanks for all the sweet messages asking if we are okay🙏🏼💓

DO IT FOR THE GRAM- the original picture is right above this one💓
As you can see, Vicky and I were terrified of the birds- laughing and screaming while Gaby from Voguish Diet was having the time of her life feeding them....but yeah,we got it and you would have never known how much screaming happened hahhaa


Cuando estabamos en Miramar Beach teníamos que aprovechar para tomar fotitos, uno de los días se nos ocurrió la "brillante" idea de darle papitas a las gaviotas para que saliesen en las fotos (si deslizan hasta el final pueden verla💓). Y como pueden ver, Vicky y yo estábamos aterradas mientras Gaby estaba gozando 🤣jajajaj yo nunca he sido muy fan de los pájaros...pero todo por la fotito para IG

We failed trying to recreate a pic from 2008...but this turned out cute right?


Queríamos recrear una foto que tomamos juntos en el 2008...pero fue un intento 100% fallido.  Al menos quedó linda también 💓💓 La foto la tomó nuestro amigo Alex (Lo pueden encontrar en IG como Legendary Alex)

When you are striking a "sexy" pose as a joke but you totally end up really liking the photo 🤣💓 We all got dolled up for fun by my friend Vicky (Vicky Alvarez!) and I seriously need to learn how to do my eyebrows like how she did them 😭😭


Cuando te pones a payasear con tus amigas pero te termina gustado full la foto 💓💓🤣 por cierto, Vicky nos maquilló a todas (naturalitas para la playa 💁🏻) y les juro que nunca me habían dejado las cejas tan fabulosas...¡me sale aprender de que YA! 



  1. this swimsuit is the right combo between sexy and comfy, nice

  2. You look amazing in this bathing suit, and the pictures turned out amazing!!!

    I'm glad you guys are okay <3