HIS AND HER KLOZET: about working together.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

One of the questions we get asked A LOT is: how is it working together? I personally love it.

Sometimes I think what our lives would have been without blog and I cannot picture ourselves working 9 to 5 jobs and hanging out after work or living around the weekends. We love having our own schedule and pushing ourselves to reach our goals and dreams. We love traveling the world, sleeping in, and working until late.

Yes, we do fight when working- and I have to say it's always my fault! I'm very picky about what I want and I get frustrated when things don't go my way. Sometimes I even grab the camera and show him the exact shot I'm looking for. But he is absolutely amazing and what he does and I know I'm very lucky to have him...and that he ended loving photography as much as he does. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in Psychology.

When we are shooting together, we rarely take more than 15 min. He knows my angles better than anybody else. He knows the drill: details, full body shots, action shots, etc.

When we are doing "his and hers", it's tricky. Sometimes we do a tripod (you can see Gabe holding the phone to click while posing)...and sometimes we ask our dear photographer friends to be the ones behind the camera.

This time we asked Karla from KOhhSnap.com She is one of our favorites- Gabe even shot her wedding, so the love is definitely mutual. We love how this pictures came out...the forest vibe, the denim...love it all! Hope you like them too!

Let me know if you have specific questions about us, and I'll make sure to answer them in the next one! XOXO

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  1. Me encantó este post, mucho amor. Me gustaria saber la historia de cómo se conocieron <3


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  3. Uds son increibles de verdad. Que pareja tan hermosa. Y es asi, trabajar independientes nos deja poder estar con nuestra pareja mucho mas tiempo, tener nuestros propios horarios y disfrutar del dia a dia de una manera totalmente diferente. Super alegre y orgullosa de conocerlos a ambos.

    Los quiero.

    Remly M.