Mara Hoffman's Summer 2016 presentation + how to recreate their hairstyle

Friday, July 31, 2015

During Swim Week, I had the opportunity to attend Mara Hoffman's Summer 2016 presentation at the Versace Mansion. The collection was inspired by a trip to the Jardin Majorelle designer, Mara Hoffman took. The collection embodies Moroccan style with bright colors and eye-catching prints. Bold accessories including head scarves and oversized sunglasses bring a 70’s feel to the look. I can't choose one favorite swimsuit or cover-up...if I could have a summer vacation house, my closet would be filled with Mara Hoffman.

 I had the chance to talk with TRESemmé stylists (my fave Marco Peña- who did my hair and makeup the day of my wedding) and Sephora makeup artists and they shared how to compliment the collection by making voluminous textured waves..which were GORGEOUS! See the step by step below...I personally can't wait to try it!


Durante la semana de la moda Swim en Miami, tuve la oportunidad de ir a la presentación de la nueva colección de Mara Hoffman. La diseñadora presentó sus nuevas piezas en la mansión de Versace...un espectáculo. Ella contó que se inspiró en un viaje al jardín Majorelle y tiene un estilo muy de Marruecos. Yo quedé encantada con los estampados y los accesorios llamativos...muy setentas todo. En un mundo soñado, si tuviese una casa de verano...mi closet estaría lleno de piezas de esta diseñadora.  También pude hablar con los estilistas de TRESemmé (incluyendo a mi queridísimo Marco Peña, quien me peinó y maquilló en mi boda), y también con Sephora, encargados del maquillaje.  Este equipo logró un balance perfecto con unas ondas voluminosas y un ojo ahumado perfecto...ya quiero intentar tanto el peinado como el maquillaje!

1. Section hair and lightly mist with water until damp. Apply 
TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Mousse from root to end then layer TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray through the lengths of each section to set the foundation for voluminous waves.
2. Diffuse hair with blow dryer to bring out hair’s natural texture while creating volume.
3. Take small sections starting at the nape of the neck and curl them using a 1⁄4” barrel curling iron. Mist each section with 
TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hold Hair Spray to prevent curls from falling.
4. After curling each section, grab the ends in one hand and use the other hand to open up the curl. Continue this until entire head is curled and fluffed.
5. Set the look with another mist of 
TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hold Hair Spray.
6. Add a head scarf for a chic, summer look.


  1. I love big hair! I want to get some of that salt spray x

    1. Me too!! The hairstyle really completed the look!

  2. Right!!? isn't everything so gorgeous!

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