REMIX: Three ways to wear an Off-The Shoulder Top

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have already expressed my little obsession with this top..but HELLO it's lace AND off the can't ask for more (top-wise of course!). I got it last month on Asos and I have been wearing nonstop. I'm going to add a couple of options below in case you want one too!! 

Which one is your favorite look?


Ya les he contado lo mucho que me encanta este de encaje...con los hombros al aire...¿qué mas se puede pedir? Lo he estado usando bastante desde que me llegó el mes pasado. Aquí les muestro las 3 veces que ha salido en el blog...con jean, con cuero y con gamuza- ¡¡nada como la mezcla de texturas! 

Cuéntenme que look es tu favorito! ¡BESOS!


  1. all these are so cute

  2. I am totally loving the off shoulder tops and these are some cute looks!

  3. Great outfits and that top look amazing!


  4. I think this is a really gorgeous outfit!

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  6. Assam post, i am inspired to see this beautiful post, I can’t never see this blog, today first time I am see this site, I think fabulous, thanks

  7. My favorite is with the suede skirt because it's such a cute outfit!

    Love, Karina
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