10 RANDOM THOUGHTS... sweater dress, oversized jacket & sneakers

Sunday, March 25, 2018

We all go through writer's block.

I especially have been very stuck when it comes to writing about trends, how to wear, or why did I wear X or Y? So I'm going to share 10 random things about this month so far and I'd love for you to tell me something!

1. The BABY SHOWER is next week. After getting quotes from a few places, I couldn't believe how expensive everything is in the U.S. I decided to make it a DIY and just have fun with it. I know some things will be far from perfect but I'll be fun because I made them.

2. Gabe's birthday was yesterday (the 24th). He turned 31 and I still amazes me how time flies. We met when he was 19.  He has been working non-stop so we just had lunch with his family and then sang happy birthday with some of our closest friends. 

3. We live in a one-bedroom apartment and we were thinking about moving because of the baby- we decided to stay at least until the beginning of 2019.  It's been challenging, a lot of cleaning, selling, donating. But I think we will make it work with the little one.

4. I'm very confused about fashion trends right now. I'm hating the big sneakers everyone is wearing lately.  They remind me of the 2000s sketchers and  they kill every outfit.  But again, that's me! If you love them, have fun with them!

5. I miss traveling. I can't wait to take baby in all these fun adventures. We really don't want to change our lifestyle THAT much. We actually are very excited to bring him along as soon as we can. I see families like Amber FIllerup's and we are very inspired to see little ones who have been to 20 countries before the age of 5.

6. I'm really inspired seeing all these young girls and boys talking about gun regulation and stopping gun violence. It makes me tear up every time and if you follow me on Twitter you probably have seen how passionate I am about this topic.

7. Talking about moving (on #2) I've been thinking about moving to another city lately. I love Miami but I think it would be nice for us to move to another city for a little bit (or a while who knows). I was thinking Dallas just because I loved it when I visited a few years ago, and it has one of the biggest airports so we could go visit our families in a heartbeat.

8. Maybe some of you noticed, I've stopped writing in Spanish. It hurts my soul and I won't stop 100%!! BUT, it was double the work and sometimes I felt I cut myself short because I didn't want to write it twice. I didn't use google translate or anything like that, it was truly writing it again (and the message even differed from time to time).  This doesn't mean I'm not proud of my roots, or that we don't speak it at home. Just career-wise, it felt like the right thing to do in order to share more with you guys.

9.  Our friends Gaby (@VoguishDiet) and Alex (@LegendaryAlex) got a puppy , a maltipoo (a maltese & poodle mix) and he is so adorable. You can follow him at @ItsErniesLife.

10. Talking about puppy accounts. I opened an account for Chiki @ChikitheMalteseDog and I'm so excited to be talking in third person haha such a weird crazy mama!


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YEAH BUNNY denim jacket
NIKE FREE 2018 sneakers
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COACH handbag


  1. omg, I HATE those sneakers too!!!!!!!
    I am an Italian living in Greece, and now I write my posts in three languages...it's hard, I know, but keep going on. Plus for what I know Spanish speaking people are really proud to read and hear their language.
    Much love

  2. I love these random thoughts and updates. Don't move to Dallas! Take us all with you. lol.
    I can't wait to see all of the DIY decorations from the baby shower if you share with us! =) What is the theme?

  3. Estás bellísima!! Justo estaba pensando en empezar a escribir también en inglés, y pensaba hacerlo sin traductor. Me hace ilusión, pero espero no desesperarme mucho jajaja. Un saludo guapa!




  5. Have so much fun with the baby shower! I hate the chunky sneakers trend too!! Ugh. There are a few super ugly trends right now, and that is one of my least favorite.

    This is a super cute outfit, though! Love the earrings!


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