Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I'm going to start with the cliché (just in case you found me recently, or even through this article) I started blogging way too long ago (2009) , I've learned A LOT by making several mistakes, AND I've seen the blogging industry changed in all ways possible. I'm finishing an article with the 10 mistakes I made as a new blogger, and not knowing my worth was definitely one of them. So let's get started!

Because of my "OG" status, as some name it, many blogger friends that are relatively new to the industry always come up to me asking me if they should charge for X, Y, or Z. And the answer, no matter what, is YES! YES! and 100 times YES!

If a brand reaches out to YOU, they found some sort of value IN YOU. It might have been your amazing pictures. Maybe they liked your witty way of writing or they loved your product reviews.  When a brand reaches out, it isn't by chance (or it shouldn't be by chance). They probably did their research and spent countless hours finding people that align with their brand and messaging.

A few months ago, a big-tier blogger discouraged "small" bloggers from not following their dreams because they might not have X amount of followers.  She actually said NOT to charge if you had less than 100k. It just made my blood boil because that's simply not true.

you are never "too small" to charge on social media.  Period

Let's break it down. Let's imagine you have ZERO followers (just to exaggerate, we all know that moms and aunts make great let's make it 3 followers), and a brand contacts you for content creation: IGNORE the number of followers in your profile and take all these things  (and the hours they take) into consideration.

Inspiration board, buying props, location scouting, talent scouting,  and equipment rental.

Hair and makeup, photographer, gas and parking, and modeling

Editing, writing, proof-reading, and social media planning.

We are talking about a production that would cost the brand THOUSANDS of dollars. So why shouldn't YOU charge? Even with absolutely no followers.

Your worth is more the number on your profile, it's your time, effort, talent, and creativity. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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  1. So happy I get the notification for your blog on my email so I don't miss out on this information! Thank you Nany for sharing. Some of those things I didn't even take into consideration. I always apply everything as a photographer too!

  2. Me encanto leer esto, porque estoy comenzando y ayudas mucho!!! gracias por compartir tus conocimientos y experiencias Nany hermosa. Saludos