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Sunday, December 28, 2014

 I'm back in MIAMI!!! Even though I'm excited to be home, this is my first time just spending a week there. Now we have to go to Puerto Rico to spend New Years with Gabe's family… #marriedlife!  I love PR, so I'm definitely excited about that!

I took this look with me to Venezuela. My family lives in a city called Mérida, which is in the mountains and it is a little cold. I ended up not wearing this because…guess what? We got super sick! It wasn't Chicungunya in case you were wondering haha but we did have fever (and the cold weather felt 1000 times worse). I spent two out of our five days in Merida in bed- in PJs…my biggest attempt to get dressed was workout clothes! But we do have pics from the other days, I can't wait to share them!

This look kind of reminds me of my high school days…even though, I went to a catholic school and the poor nun would have had a heart attack because of the length of the skirt.  She would have also sent me to the bathroom to remove all makeup. We wore knee length navy skirts with some high *ugly* socks with loafers and a burgundy sweater.

Even though I hated my uniform,  it was so easy to get dressed every morning…I love fashion but that feeling of not caring what you are wearing is refreshing from time to time.  Do you have an "adult-uniform?  I think I just throw a cute skirt, top, and third piece + booties when I don't know what to wear. XOXO


¡HOLAA! Ya estoy en Miami, nunca había estado tan poquito tiempo en Venezuela…y pasó volando! Ahora nos toca pasar el 31 de diciembre/Año Nuevo con la familia de Gabo.. #vidadecasados.

Este look me lo llevé a Mérida, pero les cuento que nos enfermamos- nada de Chicungunya, no se preocupen! Pero si nos dió fiebre y gripe en pleno páramo de Mérida (para las no-venezolanas, es en la montaña y hace bastante frío.. y con la fiebre se sentía un frío 1000 veces peor).  Dos días de los que estuvimos en Mérida, no me quite la pijama…aunque intenté salir lo más posible para compartir con mi familia. Igual tomamos fotos, pronto se las muestro.

Este look me recuerda un poco a mi época de colegio…aunque a la monja le hubiese dado algo con una falda tan corta. También me hubiesen mandado derechito al baño a quitarme el maquillaje y los accesorios jajaja. Las falda tenía que llegar justo a la rodilla y usábamos unas medias blancas altas con zapatos mocasines y un suéter vino tinto.

Por mucho que odiaba mi uniforme, me alegra no haber tenido que pensar que usar diariamente para ir al colegio y luego en la universidad fue aún más divertido empezar a experimentar con mi estilo! 

¿Ustedes usaban uniforme en el colegio? BESOS!!
ROMWE burgundy skirt
H&M black booties
FOREVER 21 black tights
BONLOON eyeglasses
Lipstick: VAMP by John Russo


  1. love the lipstick

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  2. Love this outfit! Your skirt is super hot.

  3. Beautiful outfit! The black bag is my favorite!

  4. I love this look especially your skirt

  5. The color of your lipstick is very pretty and it matches perfectly with your skirt.
    Can I ask wich one it is precizely?
    X Willemijn Sofie
    Amsterdam So Fashion

  6. This is just too cute, so gorge Daniela x

  7. Such a cute look! I'm in love with that skirt! xx

  8. You can really pass as a school girl! Happy holidays and congratulations to a new milestone in your life!

    Style Reader

  9. Love your outfit!
    Happy New Year
    I hope 2015 will be a great year for you!

  10. Love this outfit, the skirt is a beautiful colour.