Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Every year, we host an Ugly Sweater Party- it ha become a tradition within our friends and I love seeing everyone in fun Holiday sweaters. 

This year it had a Venezuelan twist, there were more tequeños and hallacas than anything else- let's say Ugly Sweater is an American tradition but in Miami we make everything our own.

If you look closely, my sweater has a gift on my belly and it says "Best Gift Ever". I got it at Target hoping I would be showing at list a little- but all I look is bloated! haha that's okay there still is the best gift ever in there.

Some of our friends have puppies and I told them to bring them so it ended up being a puppy party too! So let's call this a "Venezuelan Ugly Sweater Puppy Party"!

My lovely friends Valentina from MVTrends, Vicky Alvarez, and Gaby from Voguish Diet.

Alex from Legendary Alex

More lovely gals!
Vanessa Zambia, Valentina from MVTrends, Vicky Alvarez, Paola from Paola Sees, Veronica Luis, Stephi from Lady Epi, and Gaby from Voguish Diet.

Ricky and Alex

LadyEpi and VoguishDiet

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  1. Looks like such a fun time! Love your blog <3