How to Revive Your Hair on Lazy Days? DRY SHAMPOO!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

When I wash my hair, I have to mentally prepare to DRY it and STYLE it (just because it takes me so long!).  When I was a kid and a teen, I would wash it every single day. I was the kid who arrived every morning with wet hair to class.

As an adult, I realized that 1. that's not healthy for my hair 2. I cannot show up with wet hair and 3. Who has time to style their hair every day!?

My secret weapon is DRY SHAMPOO: my favorite is Dove Dry Shampoo Volume + Fullness because besides absorbing oil it transforms my hair from lifeless to bouncy. Dry shampoo is amazing to revive and refresh my hair on those days I don't have the time for a full blow-out- or if I'm feeling extra lazy (raise your hands ladies, I know I'm not alone !).

So continue reading to see how do I use it!!

How to use it? 
- I spray it in different sections (8 inches away from your scalp).
- Then, I give it a few minutes for it to absorb the oil and I massage through roots. Sometimes I use the blow dryer because I feel the heat helps the dry shampoo absorb faster.

 Finally, I like curling a few pieces around my face for an extra touch up. and DONE, it takes me less than 10 min and I feel like NEW! Now off to celebrate the NEW YEAR!💃🏽

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  1. Your hair on lazy day looks better than my look-good-hair day haha! Thanks for sharing <3