Monday, June 12, 2017

I got Chiki in 2008, after a long crazy internet search (and after almost getting scammed a few times).  I love being a "fur mama", it has thought me so many things about life and about myself. Today I'm going to share 10 random "Chiki" stories.

1.  I support adoption 100%, and I know my next pup will be adopted. I guess when I was 18 I was naive and I didn't think adoption first. However, I was very against "pet-shops". I wanted a dog that came from a good home, not treated as a product in a store. So yes, I bought him (but as the frugal gal I am, I got him for a great price, AND from a good home)

2. I had the option to pick between him and two other boys. One was crazy, bitting my hair and jumping around. The other was hiding underneath the sofa (super shy!). Chiki was in between, and he is still the most perfect dog in the whole world.

3. In my previous home, I used to live by a lake where we would take him to play. When he was a puppy: one time he ran following some ducks and he ended up in the lake. I'm never going to forget his face, he was so confused (he had no idea how or why he got wet).

4. His name is Chiki but originally his name was "Yogi", yes like Yogi the bear. He was so tiny that we would called him "Chiquito" and it just stuck

5.   The first time I bathed him I couldn't stopped laughing. He looked like a little rat. He still hates bathes, but he hates the blow-dryer even more. 

6. I always dreamed of keeping one of his puppies. However, all the female dogs we met were neutered so he never had puppies. We got him neutered last year because he was starting to suffer from the prostate (for exactly that, not being busy enough in the sexy department). 

7. He only plays with two toys. A ball and a plush dog that he humps. The ball is like his girlfriend, if he can't find it he goes crazy (we have tried giving him other balls, nope, that's the one he wants!)

8. He is the most friendly dog ever. Since we travel a lot for work, we have to leave him with friends and family- and some of our friends fight to take care of him. However, he gets very jealous if there are other dogs around, and he doesn't understand little kids (or why they pet him so weirdly haha).

9. He has given us a few scares. One time he swallowed something plastic that got stuck in his intestines and he could have died if we had waited a few more days to take him to the vet.

10. When he was little, he would wake me up to take him out. Now he just LOVES to cuddle. If he sees that I'm waking up, he just gets closer so I can cuddle him. It's the cutest thing ever.

Do you have a dog? a pet? Tell me something fun or cute about them!

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