8 Ways To Take Your Staycation to the Next Level

Thursday, November 3, 2016

When people tell “OMG you live in Miami, you must go to the beach ALL the time”, I get embarrassed to say I don’t go as often as I should.

I live in an amazing city - a city visited by dozens of millions because of its gorgeous beaches, culture, food, weather, etc. Reason why my husband and I, from time to time, like to book a room in Miami Beach and just enjoy what the city has to offer from a “tourist view”.

Today, I’m super excited to be partnering with Hilton  and I’m sharing 8 ways on how you can take your staycation to the next level!. Because the fact that you are not leaving your hometown doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fully feel like you are on vacation.

1. Pretend you are a tourist:
Think: what’s unique in your area? What do tourist do when they visit your city? Sometimes we have been living in a place for decades and we forget to visit the classic landmarks. So do your research, bring your camera, and get ready to check local museums and attractions.

2. You don’t have to leave the hotel
On the other hand, if you just want to relax…don’t worry about tickets and attractions, stay at the hotel and enjoy the amenities it has to offer. I remember when I was little my dad would tell me to always travel with a swimsuit (even if I was going to Antarctica) why? Because enjoying the pool at the hotel is always a great plan. This is what we like to do, stay at the hotel, go to the beach, try the hotel’s restaurant and cocktails..it’s the perfect way to sit back and relax. The views at the Hilton Cabana Miami Beach were so gorgeous we didn’t want to leave the hotel.

3.  Order Room Service
There’s nothing better than breakfast in bed…and it might be a small thing but it feels so luxurious. Put your bath robe on and order your favorite breakfast food. I ordered the pancakes during my stay at Hilton Cabana Miami Beach , and I swear they were the best pancakes I’ve had in years. I might go back on a random Tuesday just for them.

 4. Don’t let weather spoil your plans
Miami is a little unpredictable, it can be pouring and then the sun is out after 5 minutes. The past week it has been extra gloomy, and I’m sure many people would think that their vacation is ruined. I know Miami is famous for their gorgeous ocean; but if the weather is not cooperating, schedule a massage, go to the gym,  enjoy happy hour, etc. Maybe what you need is to enjoy a good movie bundled up in a comfy bed without worrying about work or responsibilities.

 5.  Try a new cocktail or drink.
Instead of always ordering your favorite cocktail, ask the bartender to show you their favorite drink or the guests’ favorite. Also, take advantage of happy hour- The Hilton Cabana Miami Beach had drink specials from 4-7pm. I tried this delicious cocktail after mid-afternoon by the pool. I also recommend trying the delicious coconuts by the pool…so refreshing and picture ready!

6. Full Belly, Happy Heart.
I’m such a foodie. Just like cocktails, don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit more on food…it’s worth it! Try a plate you can’t cook..or something that you don’t order often. I recommend the Fish Tacos and the Crispy Calamari from Salinity.

7. Cute outfits
I love wearing something new or special when I’m on vacation. So don’t forget to pack some of your cutest looks…even if you are staying a few miles from home. It will make your trip extra special. I like telling my husband to also bring something dressier to make sure we can have a romantic dinner while “out”.

8. Don't forget to work out
The past year, I've been focusing on making sure I work out at least 5 times a week; and I feel great. You can get your cardio on and run on the sand in the morning (such a great workout) or take advantage of the gym. The Hilton Cabana Miami Beach has 24 hours gym- so no excuses! 

How do you take your vacation or staycation to the next level?

FTC disclosure: this post is sponsored by Hilton & rewardStyle. All opinions are my own. All content was curated 100% by me. I only partner with brands I truly trust and love.


  1. Amazing photos!

  2. That's true when you are in your own State sometimes we forget to notice the beauty of it because we are just so used to our surroundings. Great tips on how to enjoy staycation. Gosh! I love your bathing suit. We are going to Orlando hopefully next month and I'm actually shopping for a cute one piece.


  3. Me pasa lo mismo cuando la gente se entera que vivo en Chicago . Ya me propuse que el año que viene voy a visitar cada museo , y yo creo que rentar un cuarto de hotel en downtown es una gran idea seguiré tu consejo
    The color palette

  4. Oh gosh! Such an amazing photos girl. And awesome tips for taking staycation to the next level. Love the swimsuits you wear too!

  5. Me encanta la opción de pedir el desayuno a la habitación. Muy buena idea! Debería hacer lo mismo con la ciudad donde vivo ahora, ya que vivo en las afueras y casi no hago turismo por la provincia. Muy buenos tips. Un saludo!


  6. Love the first bikini and the sandals!

    Xx Carolin

  7. I will be glad to take a vacation just for two with you.


  8. ¡Que fotos tan increíbles! Me ha encantado el bañador negro, es precioso y elegante.

    Un beso ♡


  9. I love all your pictures you look amazing on all those outfits!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal.