REMIX: Floral Shirt

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

See, I wasn't kidding when I said the REMIXES were officially back. This floral shirt has bee in my closet for more than two years. I wore it twice during a trip to Aruba for New Years (2012-2013). Then  it went down a black hole in my klozet and I didn't wear it until last Valentines with an aqua midi (which I love because it is such a romantic look for Vday without being overly pink or red). I really like these shirts because of how versatile they are; but I think people get stuck wearing them just one way (this one is with you Mom!!). Fun prints are easy to wear; you can pair them with neutrals (jeans, white, and black) but you can also play with the colors in the actual print (in this case: the aqua, the pinks, the light oranges, etc). This shirt could also be worn with white pants and a blazer for an office loo or with simple jeans to run errands. I did a small knot to make it more casual for the beach.



¡Les dijen que ya regresaba oficialmente con los remixes…no les mentí! Esta camisa de flores lleva en mi closet desde finales del 2012. La utilicé dos veces durante un viaje a Aruba por Año Nuevo; luego se me perdió en el closet por mucho tiempo hasta San Valentín de este año que la utilicé con una falda midi color aqua. Este tipo de camisas son bastante versatiles pero siempre las usamos de una sola manera (eso va contigo mami!!). Cuando son estampados divertidos como este, es bueno jugar con los colores neutrales y con los colores del estampado como tal. Por ejemplo, aquí pudiese usarse con unos skinny jeans blancos (o jeans regulares también!); o si le agregas un blazer, puede usarse fácilmente para el trabajo. Yo también le hice un nudito para hacerla más informal cuando la utilicé en la playa. 

¿Qué look es tu favorito?


  1. Love it!
    Kiss *

  2. Great looks! Love this blouse!

  3. Totalmente de acuerdo Dani, yo tengo una camisa floreada y siempre la uso con jeans o pantalón negro... No se me hubiese ocurrido ponérmela con una falda o short a la cintura, gracias por el dato!

  4. I love how you take the floral from casual to date night dressy! Must try this myself.
    Kisses from Miami!


  5. Dany, tu blog sigue creciendo y siempre en movimiento, eres muy linda y transmites mucha sinceridad en tu persona y tu actuar. Saluditos!!!

  6. Nanyyy me encanto este Remix (bueno cual no jajaja)
    Hermosos looks!


  7. Love these floral tops!

  8. Hi Danny! I was really missing your remixes, they inspired me so much! :) today I walked in a stores and ended up buying a kimono and a flower skirt because of your flower remix! :p
    Keep up the great work, your blog is my favourite :)
    I saw the other day that you were sad that you had few comments... I understand that, I also have a blog and comments and very important. I have been following your blog for years and almost never comment because I usually see it in a blog app during my subway morning ride, but know that I see it every time you post and you are really an inspiration!
    And I will try to comment more!

    Lots of love,

  9. Love this top - you've done a great job remixing it! It looks amazing with skirts!