Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I'm not just even going to make excuses for myself. I'm just going to star blogging again because I absolutely love writing and I just have to get my groove back (and make time for it).

So I'm going to start with 10 THINGS ABOUT OUR QUARANTINE LIFE SO FAR:

1) Every day I remind myself that I am not stuck or trapped at home- that we are SAFE at home. 
 We are so lucky to have a safe roof over our heads, food on our table...and so lucky to be healthy.

2) Work-wise it has been hard. Many of my campaigns were cancelled- and most of my husband's clients are hotels (aka everything was cancelled too). But again, we are trying to stay as positive as possible- adapting, evolving and finding ways to stay busy and creative.

3) Talking about being creative, we have been doing tons of photoshoots at home (you can see them on my Instagram @nany). I'll share more of them slowly. We try to take advantage of Nico's nap time and shoot videos/photos. It keeps us sane and we just have fun with it.

4) Nico was supposed to start preschool in April. We were so excited for him, we wanted him to interact with other kids and see him learn new things. So for now we are just taking one day at a time with him. I'm not stressing out with tons of educational activities, we have fun- we dance, we play, we watch movies (yes, average mom right here!). I know it is hard for him too, we used to go to the park several days a week and have playdates. I can tell he misses all of it.

5) I started doing a video series called #NANYSREMIXVIDEO. I have picked 10 wardrobe essentials and I do 10 looks with each of them. I really try for them to be truly different. When I'm styling, I try to think of different personalities and lifestyles. For example, I try to include a business look even though I don't work at an office. I'll start sharing those here too, with more details and tips!

6) I think what I miss the most is working out with my friends. My close friends and I were doing Classpass and we had so much fun going to different classes every day.  Right now I'm trying to stay active by working out in my balcony. Thankfully it is big enough for a yoga mat and some dumbbells I have. So I've been doing the SWEAT app. I love the format and the app and I've stayed *kinda* on track.

7) When the quarantine started, it was my husband's birthday (March 24th). At the moment I thought "no way we will still be in quarantine by Nico's birthday (May 17th)". Either way I ordered some stuff and I thought that no matter if it was only us, we were going to celebrate it. I know he won't remember anything but it's for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays and I want him to love them too.

8) I opened a TIKTOK account (@Nanysklozet there too). I'm still figuring out my niche and my voice there. It's such a fun app but it's hard to just talk about one thing. I love fashion, and I'm a mom. I like fitness. I like makeup. I like home decor. And even though I promised I wouldn't dance there, I used to be a dancer and it is a bit fun!

9) Let me know what you have been watching on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc etc. The last thing I watched was "Never Have I ever", it was very cute. I recommend it.  I've also watched random things like "Too Hot Too Handle"- and meh, it was entertaining- don't judge!

10) We have DANCE PARTIES every day. Nico absolutely loves dancing and he makes everyone dance. Literally if you are sitting down, he will grab you by the hand and make you dance.  He has such a fun personality and LOVES being the center of attention.

With this little summary, let's get this started!!!!

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  1. Hola, Nany! Me encantó lo sencillo de este post y la frase inicial. La realidad es que no estamos atrapados, sino seguros. Estoy amando como reinventas tu contenido. Beso!