Holiday Traditions at Home

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

This post is sponsored by LG. All opinions are experiences are my own.

I’ve been living in Miami for 13 years already (which is CRAZY, time does fly!).  For 8 years, I would travel back to Venezuela to spend the Holidays with my family- and my husband would go to Puerto Rico where he is from.

We wouldn’t even decorate our house because we were always traveling.  We got married in 2014 but it wasn’t until Nico was born last year that we started thinking about creating our OWN little traditions (because yes, we are both Latinos but each country has completely different traditions).

Last year Nico was 6.5 months and now he is a year and a half. He is still too little to understand what’s happening but it means so much to us to see him enjoy such a wonderful time.

We started this year by putting the decorations together. I was nervous about getting a tree and that he would try to steal the ornaments.  But I took a chance with a little tree. Yes, it did happen…more than once! BUT he eventually understood that they are not toys.

A few nights before Christmas, after putting our little one to sleep, we sat down in our living room, put a Holiday movie in the LG OLED TV, and we started to wrap all the presents. We ended up watching a few movies but it was such a nice way to spend time together, talk, drink wine, and get the presents READY! I have a feeling that this will become a yearly tradition.

When I was little I remember always partying with my big family and opening the presents at midnight. However, he is still too little. So the adults exchange the gifts at midnight and then in the morning, we let him open his gifts!!

 To make it feel extra Holiday-ish (since we live in Miami and it hasn’t been under 80 degrees since January), we put a fireplace in the LG OLED B9 while opening gifts and then proceeded to watch a Holiday movie with him while all in our fun elf Pjs!! Hopefully he’ll dress up with us a while !

Let me tell you a bit about the LG OLED TV B9:

My first impression was WOW, it is so sleek! It’s design adds the final sophisticated touch to any room. Then as soon as we turned it on, I was impressed with the quality. It produces one billion rich colors, including perfect blacks and infinite contrast. For my experts out there: it has the power of 8.3 million individually lit pixels. And as a smart TV, it was very easy to download all the apps and streaming services!

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