LIFESTYLE: How to stay active as a working new-mom

Friday, September 7, 2018

This post was sponsored by Athleta. All opinions are my own. I'm excited to challenge myself to #WorkInYourWorkout by infusing a workout into my workday and wearing Athleta's new commute line.

I've been getting a lot of questions on how to stay active as a new mom who is also self-employed. The answer is easy (but not necessarily easy to apply in real life): squeeze in your workouts whenever you can!

I'm currently trying to exercise 5 days of the week with 2 cardio session and 3 sessions of 30min interval training (it's supposed to be high intensity, but I'm taking it slowly since....hey! It still feels like it was yesterday that I had a baby).

 Since I work from home, I try to do the interval training in the living room with Nico by my side (sometimes when is taking his morning nap and other times he is just entertained by my squats and push-ups).  Also, if he is by the activity gym  I do planks right by him or maybe I'll do some squats with a 14-pound baby as extra weight.

Being a freelancer also includes meeting with potential clients or colleagues for coffee or lunch.  So instead of driving like everyone in Miami, I've been trying to schedule my meetings around town in order to #WorkInMyWorkout by biking to them!! It ends up being a win-win situation: I workout, I work, and I save money and time by not having to spend 15 minutes finding an expensive parking spot.

However, heading to a meeting in workout gear might look unprofessional. Reason why I'm loving how Athleta is using multi-functional performance fabrics that work from an active commute to a workday.

Here I'm wearing the Marinwood Striped Shirt; it's a classic white button-down shirt but it's lightweight and airy, perfect for biking in Miami and still looking put-together. I paired the shirt with the Hybrid Cargo Tight; it sits at the natural waist and it's very flattering. It also has 6 pockets to keep all essentials handy.  I love when brands offer petite (and tall) sizing; the fit is so much better and you save an errand to the tailor!
Since at the end, it was a fashion meeting, I added statement pieces like the hat and the clear aviators.

Join me and #WorkInYourWorkOut!!-
- You can do like me and bike to work or to a meeting.
- Maybe do wall sit-ups or planks during a work call.
- You can do a quick Yoga session in the conference room during lunch break.