DESPIERTA AMERICA segment: What colors attract men?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I did a fun segment in Univision about what colors attract men...which was definitely fun. The video is at the bottom but it is in Spanish so I'm going to talk a little of what I shared in the segment. I'm also going to add some options if you want to shop the look. XOXO


Hace unas semanas hice un segmento en Univisión (específicamente en Despierta América), donde hablé de que significan los colores que utilizas y como estoy colores pueden atraer a los hombres.  A final de este artículo pueden ver el video del segmento....espero que les guste!


  • There's always something very mysterious about women that wear black.  It is not only very slimming and flattering, but it makes you look classic and elegant. It also associated with power.
  • When wearing the same color in all or most of your outfit, you should play with textures and shapes...that why most of the outfits have lace and other texture. Here, I paired some classic pants that you can wear to work with a sexy lace top. You can also add a blazer and wear it to work.
  • Women that wear orange are seen as charismatic, fun, adventurous, and happy.
  • I paired an orange blazer with a cute peplum floral skirt that played the orange tones.WHITE:
  • Men perceive women that wear white as pure, innocent, simple, and humble.
  • White on white is a big trend this season, darte to wear white from head to toe.
  • Add color with the accessories, here I added some blue accents.
  • Red is always considered one of the sexiest colors.
  • Men see women in red as confident, sexy, feminine, and passionate.
  • This time I wanted the model to wear sexy lingerie-ish red dress with nude accessories.

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