Baby Comfort with Hanes Baby

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sponsored by Hanes Baby. All opinions are my own.

As an adult, when you are comfortable…you feel good, right? It’s that simple! That’s the reason why it’s always a priority for us to dress Nico in comfy clothes: comfy baby = happy baby!!

We were super excited to partner with Hanes Baby for its new line of babywear. It was designed with comfort in mind AND the basics are ADORABLE! You can mix and match them for any occasion. This line is proof that comfort doesn’t mean your little one can’t be stylish!

The Hanes Baby line features ways to make your life as a parent easier So let me tell you all about them!

Hanes Flexy allows clothing to fit your baby longer with a flexible fabric that stretches 4 ways. This provides value, and I personally get attached to his cute little clothes and I love knowing they’ll last longer! 

-Hanes Zippin allows parents to change baby easier and adds flexibility to adjust arm and leg cuffs as needed.  He is such an energetic baby and he moves a lot while changing, so the zipper pants make everything just faster and convenient + the zippers have a protective cover to keep them away from your baby’s skin!

Let me show you some of Nico’s (and our) favorite styles!


As soon as Nico wakes up, we change his diaper and get him out of his PJs. If you have been reading my Sleep Training stories, this helps him get in the mood of “the day began…I’m out of my Pjs”. We regularly put him in a short sleeve/sleeveless body suit since Miami is so warm. I also think he moves more freely in this tank and now that he is learning to crawl, it’s the perfect match!

I’m loving this tank onesie. The 5-pack has the cutest prints; from stars to this cute astronaut dog. It has expandable shoulders to get the tank over the baby head easily!


Our getting ready routine is always a little crazy- like any new parent right?
I put him in the play pen, I do my makeup quickly (I have a 5 minute makeup routine down to the T!), then change him while still in my pjs. Then, put him in the stroller or bouncer while putting my clothes on and getting his diaper bag ready to go…and finally we are out the door!  

This adorable set comes with a zip pant, which makes it so much easier to put on Nico. Now that he is so agile, he wants to crawl away as soon as I lay him to dress him.  And well, I love the star print…give me anything with stars!!


This set of a knit hoodie + pant is super cute- and it was perfect for a sunset stroll with Gabe. Chiki, our pup, was getting groomed that afternoon, we totally missed him that day! 

Like I mentioned, it’s finally a bit cool in Miami. I was born in a tropical country and layering is always a bit tricky for me…imagine with Nico that he can’t tell me if he is too hot! But if you live in a seasonal city, this set also comes in a fleece option!


A polo bodysuit? I’m sold! This style looks so adorable on little babies, but it’s super easy to get over their heads! The fabric truly moves with Nico. We have been using them alone at the house and then we’ve added some pants and socks for outings - he gets so many compliments with the polos!

Look at this constellation onesie! I’m in love! I need one in my size!

And this short-sleeve polo with its matching pants!

And onesies with adorable messages! likes BABIES FOR A CHANGE.

Oh and I know many non-moms follow me but love reading about baby stuff, these make for the perfect gift for any new parent!. 

You can also check out the Hanes Baby app that just launched on the App Store and coming soon to Google Play . It has the cutest children’s stories with interactive features that allow babies to participate in story time!


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