10 Useful Things You Must Add to Your Baby Registry

Saturday, June 30, 2018

I know some people feel like having a registry is like “asking for gifts”. But I don’t see it that way, they help you get what you really need. I’ve noticed people love gifting cute baby outfits; but I’m sure they’ll prefer to know that you will give their gift frequent use (this means, hey not-mommies…if you are looking for useful baby shower gifts, this list is for you too). 

Building my baby registry wasn’t an easy task. There are so many products in the market that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I started asking fellow moms to see what I was missing, what I should remove, or what I should switch to something else. Now that Nico is 6 weeks, I want to also share some things that have worked for us.

So here are 10 things (all available at Target!) that are not necessarily the typical things you would add to your registry but that you will be glad you did:

If there is something you will use for the next couple of years is: DIAPERS + WIPES! I’m loving the Pampers Pure Collection (which is easily available at Target) for many reasons. The diapers not only have the Pampers trusted leakage, dryness protection, and premium cotton,  but they are free of fragrance, parabens, chlorine bleaching, and 26 allegerns. Plus, they come with the cutest designs.  Nico is already wearing size 1- where is time flying by!!

If you have space in your house, add them in different sizes to your registry to make sure you don’t get only the newborn size. Also, there this cute idea to have a raffle and anyone who brings a box of diapers can enter to win a prize. It's a great way to stack up on diapers- and if they are Pampers Pure, even better.

2) Zipper Onesies
Like I said, you know you will be changing diapers non-stop.  Reason why I recommend onesies that are easy to put on and take off. I got several pants that I haven’t used because of how time consuming it is to put them and take them off every time we have to change his diaper. I also like the zipper ones because Nico (and I’m sure most babies) hates when I put clothes over his head. Win-win for mommy and baby!

This was actually a gift from my friend Erika from Blah Blah Blonde. She had a baby last year and she shared how this was a lifesaver…and she was SO right. It keeps your fingers clean from any baby diaper cream and it makes the process smoother and faster. Another must have in your changing table.

This was one of the things I did not add to my registry and I regretted it. I was like “but I live in a small apartment and the trash can is just a few steps away”; but  when there is a mess at the changing table, it’s very convenient, easy, and sanitary to have a diaper pail right by it.

We have this little pillow by the bed all the time. It’s great for feedings since  it lifts babies to a comfortable position. It is also great when holding the baby, your arms won’t get as tired. It also grows with the baby, I can’t wait see him on to tummy time, sitting, and playing.

They are amazing for bath time with the little ones. Before his belly button fell off, we used it flat on the counter and it provided great cushion for a towel bath. Now we use it in the bathroom sink. You just plug the sink drain, insert the flower, and let the water rise to the desired level and temperature. Nico really enjoys it, it’s perfect for newborns.

I was so nervous about clipping Nico’s nails for the first time that we took the set we purchased to the pediatrician and asked her to do it at the one-week mark. She had never seen this clipper and she was pleasantly surprised, so I knew I made the right choice. The blades overlap and they feel very safe for little fingers. It also comes with a small file. I like clipping his nails when he is fully asleep or eating (he doesn’t even notice).

I purchased a fancy crib that we have barely used.  He loves sleeping on this and we have the option of using in the bedroom and living room. I got it in the palm tree print as well as the marble print and they are both really cute (see point 10, get extra covers for everything!!).

I’ll share more of my breast feeding/ pumping experience soon. I got my double pump from my insurance company (so make sure to call!!); however, I added the storage system to my registry because I planned on building up a milk bank. The great thing about it is that the bottle lids have selectable dates so you know exactly when the milk is from and you can keep track of  the content's freshness. It also comes with freezer bags to help prolong the milk stash lifetime.

Make sure to add extra covers for everything (Crib, changing station, infant sleeper, and  nursing pillow) so you can have fresh clean sheets/ covers every time there is an unexpected baby accident, which happens more often than expected. 

What did I miss? Share with a fellow mommy below!  XOXO


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