"If I Stay" advance screening with Chloe Moretz

Friday, August 1, 2014

Last Thursday I was so excited to attended  the "If I Stay"'s advance screening with Refinery29 and Warner Bros. Pictures. Not only I got to meet the star of the film, Chloe Moretz, but it was amazing getting to introduce her to the audience. Nobody knew she was coming to the screening, and it was great seeing everyone's reaction. Chloe is also a sweetheart, she is only 17 years old but she is very mature!

As many of you know, the film is based on the best-selling novel by Gale Forman… and it's definitely one of those movies that will make you teary-eyed. I don't want to say much about the movie because I don't want to spoil it…but I absolutely LOVED it.

Check out the trailer below…and it will be on theaters on August 22nd. You can also see more of the film on their official movie site (click HERE!). XOXO


El jueves pasado fui coanfitriona junto a Refinery29 y Warner Bros. Pictures en el pre-estreno de la película "If I Stay". No solo tuve la oportunidad de conocer a la protagonista de la película, Chloe Moretz, pero también la presenté en el cine. Nadie sabía que ella iba al pre-estreno, y todo el mundo estaba extremadamente sorprendido. Chloe es una dulzura, y todavía no puedo creer que solo tiene 17 años…¡¡es bastante madura para su edad y hermosa!!

Como muchos sabe, la película es basada en el libro de Gale Forman… y  definitivamente es de esas películas que te van a poner el corazón chiquitico. No quiero contarles mucho de la película porque siempre cuento de más…pero ME ENCANTO!

Las invito a ver el tráiler, y tienen que ir a verla cuando salga el 22 de agosto. También pueden ver más sobre la película en su página oficial (haciendo click por acá). ¡Abrazos grandísimos!


  1. you look great!! I love that dress


  2. gorgeous! Can't wait to see the movie!!!


  3. Ah, so nice to know you loved the movie! I cannot wait to see it myself and I'd love to be in that theater to see fans's reactions when Chloë showed up. :)

  4. I love chloe so much! she's so sweet! I'm friends with her brother and I've hung out with her a few times and she's just an amazing, nice, talented person


  5. Wow you're so lucky to have met her! Can't wait to see this movie, too! :)

    Style Reader

    1. you are going to love the movie!! I admit I shed a tear…or two!

  6. You looks gorgeous!!

    That movie gotta be good live for love~

  7. Love the dress!!